When Gareth was a baby our Grandfather, who was a painter and sculptor, looked at his hands and said,'Those are the hands of an artist!'. By the age of five, he would present our mother with a detailed miniature English breakfast made from plasticine – a perfect fried egg complete with yolk and white lines of fat expertly depicted through the bacon. Although Gareth enjoyed school, due to his dyslexia he had little interest in academic achievement. His passion lay in the creation of his art. He would now refer to dyslexia as a gift and an alternative way of thinking. His tutor noted that 'he possessed phenomenal spatial awareness. his command of and empathy for his subject was exceptional'. Gareth has spent his career mastering sculptural mediums across different genres – everything was bound together by his love of using his hands to create. Early in his career he was swept up by The Sladmore – one of the World’s leading fine sculpture galleries.


His life journey has been led by his passion to sculpt and has taken him from an idyllic Wiltshire village to the wilds of rural Donegal Ireland, to the orange blossom coast on a Spanish mountainside, where he now lives with his family and animals. He has made working models for the film industry, created birds of prey for Arabian royalty, built an exquisite dragon from semi-precious stones and shared a dream with his hero, legendary film director Ray Harryhausen, to sculpt a giant depiction of Britain’s greatest explorer David Livingstone being attacked by a lion.


Gareth works from bespoke thimble-sized miniatures to monumental pieces, across ceramic, bronze, silver and gold.


Clients include Garrard Crown Jewellers, David Morris Jewellers and The National Trust.


Erin Knowles [sister]